How To Use Board Portal Software For Drafting Board Meeting Minutes

The minute of the board meeting is a key document that records everything discussed and adopted during the meeting. It is he who is then stored in the archives for a long time. The software for virtual meetings of the company’s board has the option of automatically creating a protocol at the end of the event.

Minutes of the meeting: general provisions

Minutes – a document that records the progress of discussions and decisions taken at meetings, conferences, and meetings of collegial bodies. The minutes shall be kept by an appointed or elected secretary or a specially appointed person.

This document is compiled based on notes (or transcripts) made directly during the meeting.

Protocols are drawn upon general forms or on the blank. Details of the protocol are as follows:

  • Name of the highest level organization.
  • Name of the organization.
  • Name of the structural unit (if necessary).
  • Name of the document type (protocol).
  • Date of the meeting.
  • Document number.
  • Place of meeting.
  • Stamp of approval (if the protocol is subject to approval).
  • Title to the text.
  • Text.
  • Signatures.

Keep in mind: the date of the minutes is the date of the meeting, not the date of finalization and signing of the minutes. If the meeting lasts several days, indicate the start date and a dash – the end date of the meeting. 

Minutes, as a rule, are numbered sequentially from the beginning of the calendar year, which also means the number of meetings held. At the same time, the protocol index may consist of a serial number within a calendar year and, due to a slash, a serial number from the moment of election of this body.

The title of the protocol indicates the type of collegial activity (meeting, meeting, meeting) and the name of the collegial body in the genitive case. For example, Minutes of the meeting of the expert commission.

The text of the protocol distinguishes two parts – introductory and main.

The introductory part contains clearly defined information, which is always in the same order.

First, the name and initials of the chairman and secretary are indicated.

Then, in alphabetical order (without specifying the position), the names and initials of the permanent members of the collegial body present are given, and then the names and initials of the guests with the indication of their positions.

At large extended meetings and gatherings, those present are noted only quantitatively, and a list of names is added to the minutes.


Present: 35 people (list attached).

The introductory part of the minutes ends with the agenda. It notes the issues to be discussed, the names and initials of the speakers, as well as, if necessary, their positions.

The issues on the agenda should be such that the first ones are the most important and complex.

Use Board Portal Software to record appointments

If the board meeting is online, you can also form meeting minutes. To do this, you need to choose the appropriate program (this will help you rating portal, and then use the option “Minute” during the meeting. Some of the best options are BoardMaps, iDeals, Boardvantage, iBabs’, OnBoard. 

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